Restful Sunday Favorites

Sunday, May 08, 2016

1. Art For Joy Sake Journal:  This little journal is my all time favorite, I adore the watercolor florals and gold details. 

2. Copic Markers: If you are an art junkie like myself you have probably herd of these markers. The price is pretty hefty, however these markers aren't your streaky crayola markers.

3. Bella Grace Magazine: I recently had to purchase a magazine for my type class and stumbled across this gem at Barnes+Nobles. This is literally myself in a magazine, not to mention my middle name is grace. If you are looking to get some inspiration I highly recommend snagging an issue.

4. FujiFilm Polaroid: I'm sure you've seen these cameras all over the internet by now, but how cute is this? I bought this last summer for a trip to New York City and it could possibly be one of my favorite purchases. Not only is it my favorite shade of pink but it also immediately prints your pictures, hence why it's a polaroid duh!

These are just a few things that keep me inspired on this Sunday evening. Let me know what sparks your creativity and what you are looking forward to most this summer.

Keep Dreaming, Bethany Grace

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