Looks Don't Matter.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

This is a pretty hard concept for myself and many others to swallow. Think about how much money we spend trying to live up to a standard of beauty that is unattainable and will never satisfy us. It is so frustrating the amount of times I have overheard people bashing other peoples physical appearance. I wonder why so many people struggle with eating disorders and low self esteem? I've recently gotten to a point where I'm suffering from health issues because of a medicine I was taking to have clear skin. This made me start to think about how all consuming our society is in reaching some sort of  'perfection.' I've even fallen into this trap. In middle school I had crooked teeth and I remember thinking, 'once I have straight teeth than i'll be pretty.' Once my teeth were straight I thought that they weren't white enough and the list goes on.. Moral of the story is I will never be content unless I turn my eyes away from myself and look to Christ. When the focus isn't on myself but is on my relationship with God and how I can serve others my standard of beauty changes. Beauty to me is how selfless or  generous someone is. Beauty is showing others grace even when they don't deserve it. Beauty is being authentic and displaying all your quirks.

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