Never Settle

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hey Dreamers,
Today is the first snowy day in Michigan! One of  my favorite things in the world is being bundled up in wool socks + staring outside at the winter bliss! Today I'm going to switch things up on my blog. I never thought I would share relational advice, however this topic has come up quite often in my conversations. I think more people deal with this issue than meets the eye. That is to not settle when diving into a relationship. This doesn't mean expecting perfection. However, to often I see people, myself included,  justifying why it would be okay to date or persue a friendship with someone that would not be healthy in the long run. When I pondered why this issue was so prevalent in myself and others I think the root of this issue is our desire to be loved and pursued. We are built to desire community and relationships! I know it can be difficult to be patient for the right friends or significant other but it is worth waiting on God. He has someone far better than you could ever imagine. In the mean time focus on your relationship with your heavenly father and he will provide contentment in your time of waiting. It is so much more attractive to see someone who is content in themselves and being patient for the right person than someone who is jumping from one relationship to the next.
Have a lovely winter season,

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