Dear Best Friend...

Friday, August 07, 2015

Watching your car leave my driveway was heart-rending, however I have felicity knowing that this friendship isn't ending despite living in different cities. Having a best friend is so special and I thank God that he has given me you. I love that you know me deeply, the good and the bad. I love that we have the same sense of humor and that no one else understands it. I love how honest you are. If you don't like my outfit you will tell me. I love that our style is so vastly different, I find it amusing. I love how spontaneous you are and that I can show up at your house without telling you. I love that we call each other every night and gush over anything. I love that we share our devotions with each other and what we are learning in our relationship with God. I love your heart for children. You serve and love them abundantly. I love our late night taco bell runs. I love that you put up with my obnoxious comments during movies. I love that we have different music taste and that I make fun of your bands.  Even though I said I hated going to that concert with you it actually was one of my favorite things. I love that you pushed through a bunch of people and got us to the front. I love that your makeup and hair always look great and that you always do my hair for school dances. I love that I can tell you everything even the super awkward things. I love that our birthdays are three days apart. I love our late night grocery store runs. When you push me in the shopping cart. I love that you are you. You don't try to conform to what other people are doing. I love that God gave me you as a best friend.

Feel free to share this with a best friend you can relate this too.

Keep Dreaming,

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